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Re: EDP Feedback control help

At 05:37 PM 8/30/2001, you wrote:
>It's very likely that my EDP's feedback control knob is not functioning.
>There is no position that seems to have any effect. Is there a parameter
>that controls the function of the front panel knob? One that I may have
>inadvertantly mis-set?

you might check that the Loop/Delay parameter is on Loop. That parameter 
affects how feedback works. (although the knob should still control 
feedback, but in delay mode it depends on whether overdub is on or not.)

If you are uncertain about it, you can also reset the parameters to 
defaults by holding the parameter button down at startup, and leaving it 
pressed until it finishes the bootup.

If you've done that and nothing is connected to the feedback pedal input 
the back, there may well be something wrong with it.


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