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Re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

> EDP: Dumping loop digitally to external device only available through 
>  (I think)
That's right, it's slow though. 

The EDP allows you to change your loop length at any time you want, to any 
length you want, and still keep the loop running. It does this without 
producing glitches in the audio.
It allows you to pick out a small section of of a larger loop, loop it, do 
anything you want with it, then if you like you can go back to the 

Having a dedicated footpedal is better for time sensitive operations, like 
tapping in a loop. My experience of MIDI controllers (Yamaha MFC-10) is 
they can produce a big delay, in a situation where you want the smallest 
delay possible. I know other MIDI controllers have got to be better than 
Yamaha, but surely they can never be as fast as a dedicated pedal.

How quickly does the Repeater repond to MIDI?

The original poster also asked about the JamMan, and indeed this does have 
few features compared to the EDP. Its not easier to use though, as the 
functions on the EDP are so simple. 
(the JamMan is notably slow in its MIDI response)

Having both EDP & JamMan I've been able to make direct comparisons of the 
sound quality. The EDP is best for top end (higher sampling rate) but I 
that a deep bass guitar line had more solidity on the JamMan.
Well, wonder how the repeater fares in this respect,  and with the 
it's more significant what the Dry signal sounds like having passed 

andy butler