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RE: King Frippson

Evening Star with Eno is (in my opinion). Blessing of Tears is beautiful. 
the DGM site, they offer Pie Jesu which is a mini compilation from 
Soundscape CD's

On the subject of Fripp: I recently saw the Tool/King Crimson show at the
Berkeley Community Theater. KC was alright (I'm not a huge KC fan) but Tool
was awesome. Midway through Tool's set, the band left the stage, leaving a
darkened figure at the back of the stage which turned out to be Robert 
doing some Soundscape loopage. Very cool. This lasted about 10 minutes
before Tool returned.

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    Can someone recommend some good loop-based Robert Fripp stuff?  I
haven't heard a lot of his stuff, except for a few King Crimson tracks here
and there.  Thanks ...


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