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Re: digital recording mystery

Yes -  the minidisk, and any other lossy compression applied (ie mp3
encoding), will affect timing like that.

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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 11:52 AM
Subject: OT: digital recording mystery

> Because of colaboration with a friend of mine on a recording project,
> we recorded and exchanged a track in this sequence: digital
> multitrack --> pc --> burned cd (wav) --> pc --> minidisc --> pc -->
> burned cd --> pc --> multitrack.
> When I wanted to sync the newly updated recording (new track in left
> chanel and original in right) I found that the new version (both the
> original recording and the new one) is somewhat faster, about 0.4
> second in four minutes.  It was all done via digital connection
> (spdif) and in 44,100 Hz.  Can anyone explain the mystery how the
> recording could get faster, or provide some hint/insight?
> Thanks,
> petr