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Re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

Key aspects for me:

EDP: mono (unless you buy 2 and sync them)
Repeater: stereo (and then some: up to 4 mono tracks, or 2 stereo, or 1
stereo and 2 mono). Think "small 4 track recorder".  You can record on 1 or
2 (if using stereo) tracks simultaneously.

EDP: Foot controller available.  Can use midi and front panel as well.  Can
even build your own foot controller with the simplest of supplies.
Repeater: No foot controller.  Can only use midi and front panel.

EDP: Wet/Dry mix available
Repeater: No Wet/Dry mix, but you can control the output of 4 separate
tracks including volume, panning, and pitch.

EDP: Dumping loop digitally to external device only available through MIDI
(I think)
Repeater:  CFC cards can be used to quickly copy loops to PC.  Also has
SPDIF digital out.

EDP: single rack space
Repeater: 2 spaces

EDP: Overdub can end a loop while remaining in record mode.
Repeater: Overdubbing can be done, but only after ending a loop and
*re*-entering record mode.

EDP: 9 loops max
Repeater: 999 loops max

EDP: Regeneration/Fade-out affects loop whether it's recording or not
Repeater: Only affect 1 or 2 tracks which are in record mode.  i.e. it 
slowly fade a playing loop/track that's not in record.

Repeater: pitch and time changing capabilities.
EDP: not available.

EDP: Kim Flint runs the site and the list.  An amazing resource with
infinite patience.
Repeater: Electrix folks have been participating regularly on the list for
the last year.  They've been taking a great deal of input, a good deal of
abuse, and have remained helpful so far.

My take: I'm pulling my EDP from my rack (for space reasons) and putting in
the Repeater so I'm forced to use it.  They are different beasts with
different strengths.  I'm in total agreement with Andre's mail.

My recommendation: I couldn't recommend one over the other unless something
like stereo or a stand-alone foot controller was an absolute top priority
for you.

Personally I'd hate to choose between one or the other.  Luckily, I don't
have to.

It's a good time to be a looper.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 5:15 PM
Subject: RE: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

> Nothing at all?  :(  I wish I could add more to the technical discussion
> I'm as green as beans folks.  I would really appreciate even a few simple
> comments - even if you think it's too simple.  I'm about to shell out 
> big bucks for this stuff (for me anyways)!  I have looked at the specs,
> it's hard to compare and translate into simple concrete terms without
> overheating my fragile newbie brain.  Thanks.
> Tim
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim Goodwin [mailto:deepbass6@earthlink.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:04 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)
> Can someone please give me an idea of what the EDP can do that the
> can not?  I chose to spend my money on a Repeater (I should have it by
> week) based on the multi-tracking and real-time loop features.  But
> specifically, what can the EDP do that Repeater can not?  And how does 
> JamMan compare? (it seems very limited by comparison, but solid as a
> delay/looper).
> The reason that I ask is that I am also considering picking up an MPX-1
> effects processing (partially because the R1 pedal board should work well
> with the Repeater - and partly because I'm sick of the mess of multiple
> floor pedals).  I would even consider getting the G2 with a JamMan module
> give me some delays and loops that I can send to the Repeater.  I imagine
> that this would keep me busy for a while, but would I be missing out on
> other key looping features without the EDP in my rack?  If so, what...?
> Thanks,
> Tim