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Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

Kevin Goldsmith (01:43 PM 08.29.2001) wrote:

 >>> My only major disappointment is that you can't edit WAV files on
 >>> your mac or PC and then drop them on the card and have the repeater
 >>> discover them.
 >> ??? You can... Page 33 in the PDF manual.
 >I read the real manual this morning and didn't notice anything about this.
 >I might have missed it.

Damon just whacked me offline.

The feature was delayed from the release code.

But, (in a whisper), I'd be curious to know what happens if you _do_ edit 
WAV file that's on the CFC...

Don't let Damon know though... :)

 >...I want to take a loop I've created in Logic or Cool
 >Edit and then have them available to me on the Repeater without going
 >through the repeater inputs.

Right... That's the other side of the fun. :)