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Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

> A handy front panel power switch on the Juice Goose kills everything in 
> rack(s) at once.
Yes, I have several furman power units.  I have a lot of rack gear.  I'm
usually only using a few boxes in a session and so I don't have my entire
rack powered on by my power conditioners.  I prefer to turn on only the
boxes I'm going to use in a session to save power and wear on the machines.

>> My only major disappointment is that you can't edit WAV files on your 
>mac or
>> PC and then drop them on the card and have the repeater discover them.
> ??? You can... Page 33 in the PDF manual.
I read the real manual this morning and didn't notice anything about this.
I might have missed it.

> Yeup, in regards to raw audio. Data that Repeater uses for time and pitch
> manipulation along with some other info is stored in a proprietary 
> If you modify the raw audio file, then any pointers that the support 
> have back into the main file may not line up. That can be "interesting",
> but may not be musical.
> Repeater does this on purpose to be able to support UNDO and generally
> always have a reference back to the original data. If you want to capture
> the time/pitch shifting that Repeater has done on a track, then you will
> need to resample that track into a clean one, thus creating a new track
> who's base .WAV file is shifted.
That's nice and all, but I want to take a loop I've created in Logic or 
Edit and then have them available to me on the Repeater without going
through the repeater inputs.

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