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Re: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

can't this be addressed in software?
just allow pressing the overdub button to end the first record and
go into overdub.  or pressing record a second time (since overdub is a 
and pressing play after record could end record without overdubbing.

> >- no way to go direct from initial record pass immediately into > 
> >this prevents you from laying down an initial loop w/ sound which > 
> >sustains
> >through the endpoint.
> >....OUCH! am i reading this correctly? so only 'bounded' loops are
> possible, 
> >i.e. silence at startpoint, silence at endpoint? this would be a major 
> >limitation. almost cannot believe this is true - this is a looping 
> >not a sampler, right?
> No! not at all. What's being described is the ability to just define the
> loop length but continue to overdub without having to ever leave record.
> This is very handy for creating smooth drones etc. In some cases you 
> only have one bar of source material available and you want to loop it 
> a reverb or delay on it. In this case (if you couldn't just play the 
> for two bars and record the last bar) you would have to record it once 
> and then use resample to record in the reverb tail or delay into the 
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