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Re: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

I have the same limitation with the JamMan.  You can get around it by, as
someone else on the list said, by "priming" a loop.  In other words, start 
loop, but don't play anything into it.  Then, open it back up and play all 
want, sustain o rama.  It sure would be nice if you didn't have to do it 
way though.


Nic Roozeboom wrote:

> >- no way to go direct from initial record pass immediately into > 
> >this prevents you from laying down an initial loop w/ sound which >
> >sustains
> >through the endpoint.
> ....OUCH! am i reading this correctly? so only 'bounded' loops are 
> i.e. silence at startpoint, silence at endpoint? this would be a major
> limitation. almost cannot believe this is true - this is a looping 
> not a sampler, right?
> nic
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