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Re: artifacts

i've been using the analog delay setting the dl4 to open up a 
collaborative piece i'm working on.  turn the mix down all the way, 
so you can't hear anything.  turn the delay time to 0, and the regen 
up all the way.  If you do this with the mix up, you can hear the dl4 
start it's self oscillation whine.  however, you've got your mix 
down.  then, sloooooowly start to turn the delay time knob until max, 
then maybe go back and forth slowly to add some changes and rhythms 
(or a couple of quick turns add some interesting 'spikes', too).

now you can slowly bring the mix up to hear your random creation. 
i've been using it for very deep rumblings and ambience in our 
opening piece.

i've used that 'remove the guitar cord' thing too, but it doesn't 
seem to do much on my long hair (still long...i'm waiting for the 
fashion curve to come around again...i'm so far behind i'm actually 
ahead! <loop content>)



>i do similar things with a boss dd-5, and then run it
>into the rang. i've come up with some bad ass rythm
>loops just by running a long delay (which is 2 secs on
>the dd-5) w/feedback at 100%, layering it up, and then
>just destroying it by tweaking the delay time. then
>add some more layers, and continue tweaking. the
>purpose is random and scary rythm loops. i'll also
>unplug the guitar and scrape the end of the chord
>around on my head, picking up the bristly sounds of a
>buzz cut. then i tweak the delay time until it's a
>super cool rythm pattern. i often use very short delay
>times for this, getting kind of a ring mod effect.
>take care,