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Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

Can someone please give me an idea of what the EDP can do that the Repeater
can not?  I chose to spend my money on a Repeater (I should have it by next
week) based on the multi-tracking and real-time loop features.  But
specifically, what can the EDP do that Repeater can not?  And how does the
JamMan compare? (it seems very limited by comparison, but solid as a simple

The reason that I ask is that I am also considering picking up an MPX-1 for
effects processing (partially because the R1 pedal board should work well
with the Repeater - and partly because I'm sick of the mess of multiple
floor pedals).  I would even consider getting the G2 with a JamMan module 
give me some delays and loops that I can send to the Repeater.  I imagine
that this would keep me busy for a while, but would I be missing out on
other key looping features without the EDP in my rack?  If so, what...?