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RE: Repeater - First Impressions

At 10:49 AM 8/28/2001, Matthew McCabe wrote:
>Any impressions on the usability of the pitch and
>time-stretch features?  I am particularly interested
>if it is possible to change the tempo of a loop and
>have the pitch change correspondingly (like the EH 16
>sec delay, PCM-42, old Digitech stuff, etc.)  Thanks.

I asked them that question at NAMM, and the answer was no then. The 
time-stretch and pitch shift are independent. I assume that is still the 
case. For remixing different samples from other sources, you would want it 
independent. I assume that's the use they were targeting with these 

But loopers have always loved that speed up and slow down effect that you 
could get from changing tape speed on a tape loop, or changing the delay 
time on older delays. And then mixing overdubs in at different speeds. So 
far as I know Repeater doesn't do that.

(If I could get a nickel for every time somebody has asked for that 
on the EDP, I would be writing this from my own island.)


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