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no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

i must say i'm rather shocked that the repeater does not have a mix knob. 

cfc issues: no biggie ... to be expected. the dude upset about his sticker 
should chill the fripp out.

production delays: again ... i don't care. i want it to be useful.

price: no complaints. it's cheaper than the gibson thingie, which is 

no immediate overdub from record mode exit: pretty shitty, but the fact 
you can 
save loops (like empty loops, for example) or record (or as i called it 
the 'plex, _prime_) an empty loop before you start adding to it makes it 
an irritant.

no mix control: really really bad. it means i have to hit two switches 
of just one to route an instrument to the loop (the way i work, with a 
it also makes processing of loop feedback (i've really got into the whole 
loopfeedbackthroughpitchshift thing lately) damn near impossible.

even if the mix control was only addressable in software, or was a simple 
selection between 50/50 or all wet, this would be a non-issue.

this is not an "avenue for a new way of working", this is a serious design 
flaw. i hope it's fixed before i buy my new looper(s).

it does makes me more interested in the (as-yet-unavailable) line6 unit, 
it's better metering and balanced connectivity.

Eric Williamson