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RE: Re: --OT: in praise of Zvonar's "Frikkit"

At 12:16 PM 8/28/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I did miss a lot of the concerts you mentioned, 
>except Margaret Lancaster's performance.

It's funny; in order to not miss any of the Dream Room installations I had
scheduled Saturday evening to be spent exclusively there. Shortly after Dr.
Zvonar's piece the room was empty and silent, so I wandered over to catch
the last half of the Lancaster set. I'm glad I did! I kind of stumbled into
Martha Mooke's set that same way, too, by leaving another performance
early. I'd never  heard of her before, although an archive search turns up
a mention of her in the most recent head-rearing of the 'Women Who Loop'
thread a couple of months ago. I'd like to hear more!
>I didn't notice [Margaret Lancaster doing] any looping, though.  Just one
>playback of what she just played while she was tapping.

And I don't think *she* was doing that; I think Eric Lyon was pressing the
buttons. Although real-time phrase sampling with instantaneous playback
comes pretty close to the spirit of looping for me, even if it didn't
technically cycle. It was so much cooler than if she'd tapped along with a
pre-recorded flute part. I kept listening for idiosyncracies to come up
during the replay to prove to myself it wasn't pre-recorded. It definitely

>Phil Kline's composition for 3 video screens and
>30 boomboxes certainly employed looping, but not
>really in the real-time sense.

And I'm bummed to have missed THAT! Especially since the concert I was
attending right across the street during that time slot (Drew Krause: Spoke
Variations), while certainly masterful and very impressive, wasn't really
what I'm personally into. I still enjoyed it very much, but I would have
liked to have heard the Kline piece. That's probably where everyone was;
during the Krause, there were only a handful of us in the room...

>Super bumbed i missed [Tom Heasley's set]...

I made it a point to wear my one-of-a-kind 'UNSUBSCRIBE!' T-shirt!

>Agreed on the dream room...some constructive
>feedback to the organizers for next time
>couldn't hurt.
I sure hope there IS a 'next time'!

>Even when i was in there,
>half the time i didn't know what i was listening to.

After a while, when Kalvos saw that the schedule had been abandoned, he
started printing out little 'Now Playing' signs to post on the outer door.

What'd you think of Dennis Darrah's 'Looping Music Chill-Out Room'? I
wasn't sure it was actually happening when I was in there...