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Re: Terry Riley, IN C , another recording...

> Are we talking about the same recording? The Shanghai Film Orchestra
> on Celestial Harmonies, mixed by Brian Eno, Jon Hassell and Terry Riley?

I *believe* so.  However, I don't have it to hand, it's in 
a storage area in Brooklyn.

> "Given the tragic events that rocked China just a few months after 
> these recordings were made, it's hard to envision a similar project
> being made today. "It was a rare opportunity," Riley says. "We
> were very lucky." Not that there weren't a few problems. A bureaucratic
> snafu made Riley and (conductor David Mingyue) Liang decidedly
> unofficial visitors to China, and the final tapes had to be smuggled 
> out of country."
>                                     - John Schaefer, liner notes

That doesn't seem particularly distressing.
Well, perhaps I confabulated by mistake!

> I've finally got some mp3 files ready for NYC Loop Fest, how 
> do I get them to you? I sent them to mp3.com but who knows when they'll
> show up!

You can ftp them to me.  There's a looper's delight ftp account
that I have created for our general use and I'll send it to
you personally "under separate cover".



I am the wombat.