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RE: Repeater answer: dry/wet mix option NOT avaliable

as a brand new RepeaTer operator, let me echo the original poster's
concern.  i ran into this problem in practice right off the bat, & have
blown one speaker fuse so far because of this.  i loop acoustic instruments
via microphones.  i always run my other loopers with mix 100% loop to avoid
feedback.  this also works better in a studio setup w/ the looper as an
effects send, as i always want independant control of the level of the
source vs the level of the loop.  with RepeaTer, there isn't any way to
keep the source signal out of the loop output.

At 10:52 AM 8/28/01 -0700, Damon wrote:
>Not exactly, but there are a few work arounds. You could use the FX insert
>as an input mute (if you are not using it for FX). Like most inserts if
>nothing is plugged in it will cut the signal path. Make sure the FX insert
>is assigned to the input and just engage it when you want to mute the 
>(dry signal). 

this is a workaround, but we lose the FX insert capability, which is one of
RepeaTers coolest features.

>You could also dedicate a track to the dry path and use the
>level slider or MIDI to mute and unmute it. The only thing you couldn't do
>is not hear the dry signal while recording unless you turn the destination
>tracks down during the record.
>Does this help?

not really.  as noted above, this creates a volatile feedback situation if
using microphones as sources.

this is a significant limitation of RepeaTer for my use of it.  i hope that
it can be addressed in a near future firmware upgrade.

in the meanwhile, life is limitations, and i'll continue using RepeaTer
anyway.  :-)
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