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Re: Terry Riley, IN C , another recording...

> > I have a very depressing version of In C played in China
> > where the orchestra is very enthusiastic though a bit 
> > clumsy -- however, the liner notes then tell you that
> > they were all rounded up and disappeared afterwards,
> > very very sad.
> Interestingly enough, my version of this cd doesn't have this story.
> Are you putting us on Tom?

Good Lord, no!  I'd never joke about something like that.

Haven't read the liner notes in a long time --
this is from memory.

It didn't say that they were specifically murdered, it
said that the orchestra was officially disbanded and
they weren't able to contact any of the members of it
and were worried about them.

I don't remember the exact details, I DO remember being
rather saddened when I got to that spot.

(there's a similar liner note on the Chronos "Black Angels"
where someone recorded trad. music in Romania, I believe,
and all the musicians involved were "disciplined" and
moved to different cities!)



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