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RE: Re: --OT: in praise of Zvonar's "Frikkit"

>From: Tim Nelson <tcn62@ici.net>

>I was going to post a review yesterday, but I'm still recovering!
What a
>great time!

I hear ya...

I did miss a lot of the concerts you mentioned, 
except Margaret Lancaster's performance.  I 
really liked the Appleton piece.  You're right,
it was very effective.  I didn't notice any
looping, though.  Just one playback of what
she just played while she was tapping.  When
she played *while* tapping was pretty amazing,
and i didn't find it gimmicky at all...very

Phil Kline's composition for 3 video screens and
30 boomboxes certainly employed looping, but not
really in the real-time sense.  Much of what was
pre-recorded on all those cassettes was looped
for sure.  Interestingly: since they couldn't all
be precisely in time, the drift among 30 different
boomboxes created some pretty wild..."pulsing" is
i guess what you'd call it.  The result was very
loop-like...you heard loops that were not on tape
per se, just certain frequencies interacted with
each other in a cyclical way so that these loops
sort of "appeared" out of thin air.  Crazy.  And

>LD listmember Tom Heasley's set was ALL looping; how often do
you get to
>hear looped tuba? Tom arrived Friday night and set up his 

Super bumbed i missed that...

>Absolutely, although I was somewhat dissapointed that many of
the Dream
>Room events either didn't happen or happened with nobody in

Agreed on the dream room...some constructive
feedback to the organizers for next time
couldn't hurt.  Even when i was in there,
half the time i didn't know what i was listening

All in all though, a really wonderful experience.