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RE: Repeater question: dry/wet mix option avaliable?

Not exactly, but there are a few work arounds. You could use the FX insert
as an input mute (if you are not using it for FX). Like most inserts if
nothing is plugged in it will cut the signal path. Make sure the FX insert
is assigned to the input and just engage it when you want to mute the input
(dry signal). You could also dedicate a track to the dry path and use the
level slider or MIDI to mute and unmute it. The only thing you couldn't do
is not hear the dry signal while recording unless you turn the destination
tracks down during the record.
Does this help?

>I just had a glance at the repeater features, and i've noticed that 
>there isn't a dry/wet mix control in the front panel, and the manual 
>says to eventually turn the effect mix of the amp fx loop all the way 
>This could be a problem in systems (as mine), where you need to run 
>the dry and wet signals in different paths.
>So, the question is: is there a way to mute the dry signal via software?


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