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Re: in praise of Zvonar's "Frikkit"

sera que le gusta a daniella mercury ?
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From: p koniuto
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 11:09 AM
Subject: --OT: in praise of Zvonar's "Frikkit"


Caught the Ought-One music festival this past
weekend.  Lots of great things going on, although
i didn't notice any overt use of *real-time*
looping in any of the concerts i heard/saw.  (I
did spy a jamman, though, so perhaps i missed
that performance.)

I must say one of the highlights of the
weekend for both me and my partner was taking
in list member Richard Zvonar's octophonic
piece for tape, "Frikkit".  There was a room
separate from the performance areas called the
Dream Room set up for the a series of about
10 or 12 different installations.  One never
knew when you walked in which would be playing.
But on my fourth venture, Richard was in there
with perhaps a couple other people, listening
attentively to someone else's work.

When that piece was over i requested he put
his piece on, and he was very kind and generous
to give a little introduction (i believe there
may be similar info in a post of his in the
archives, so i won't go into it here).

The piece was stunning.  It was one of the only
8-channel pieces at the festival, and i was
knocked out with how beautifully thought out
this composition was.  All comprised of frog
and cricket sounds (and a little ambience
he used at the right moments), Doc Zvonar
created a musical experience unlike any other
i've ever had.  He's clearly an experienced
multi-channel composer with a great sense of
dynamics, pacing, and rhythm. 

This is a must-hear if it ever makes another
public appearance.  Richard, do post the list
if it does!

Since there weren't a lot of folks waiting
around for the next piece to be played
as soon as Frikkit was over, we were afforded
some time for a little question/answer session.
Doc Zvonar was very patient to answer the
questions about how he arranged the piece, how
he treated the original samples, etc, and shared
some thoughts he had while composing it, as well
as an anecdote or two.

It's great to hear other list members' work
(whether or not it directly involves looping).
I hope other folks (Tim from NH?) got to hear
this piece.  Zvonar does dynamite work...if
ya ever get a chance to check out something
he's done, go for it.

(I picked up a copy of Alias Zone at the
festival, too, but haven't had a chance to
hear it yet.  I belive it's gotten good
reviews on this list, if memory serves.)

See ya,
peter koniuto