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Re: Terry Riley, IN C , another recording...

Dr T wrote:
> Tom Ritchford wrote:

> >gah, I already have THREE recordings of this.  Or four!
> >
> >Riley wrote SO many other pieces of music, why can't
> >we get some of them!
> Lots of his stuff is in print. Essential is Poppy Nogood and the All 
> Night Band on Organ of Corti. Early looping.

Oh, yes, I've been getting those Organ of Corti releases
"the moment" they come out.  There's a particularly
interesting rock-flavoured version of In C on one of

I have a very depressing version of In C played in China
where the orchestra is very enthusiastic though a bit 
clumsy -- however, the liner notes then tell you that
they were all rounded up and disappeared afterwards,
very very sad.



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