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Re: Another Repeater MIDI Controller >bof<

Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
> Diligent readers of the list know that d/t is using a Peavey PC1600x to
> control his Repeater (and likely other nifty stuff as well). I'm in the
> market for something to control the Repeater as well as my Kurzweil 
> rack mount synth. Just today there was another post on the Kurzweil list
> about this controller: the Bitstream Pro from Wave Idea
> (http://www.waveidea.com/english/index.htm). This actually looks to be a
> more fully featured controller than the Peavey - it is fully programmable
> and has 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 8 switches, 3 built-in user setups, 
> crossfaders, backlit LCD - heck, it's even got a built-in programmable 
> Delivered with Windows 9x/2K configuration software, any MIDI event or
> message can be assigned to each potentiometer, switch, and LFO. As soon 
> the unit has been configured, the controller can be used in standalone 
> without the PC.
> Looks great, but I'm wondering... has anyone ever heard of this box? 
> used one or have any comments on it?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

looks great untill you understand you only have 3 presets to play with
very short for the price
the concept is brilliant though (lfo)
pc1600x has 50 pages/presets (16 faders 16 buttons)
100 scenes (snapshoots)
master fader groups ext CV ped to assign to any fader/group
pc editors
and I think its cheaper


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