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Repeater - First Impressions

OK, well, I know this won't be all that satisfying to many of you... but,
nonetheless, here goes...

As I write, I have a loop playing in the bedroom (time to wake the frickin'
neighbors)... it's on the EDP now, but it started on the Repeater...

1) The product works... or, at least, as far as I've pushed it in day 
2) The capability to have 4 tracks is very cool... more so than I thought 
would be... it allows you to mix and adjust volume levels easily (and 
sending to the EDP)...
3) LPA is cool...
4) Beat detection is cool too...

OK, so, so far, Repeater is cool... but, granted, I haven't pushed it 
hard yet... I'm still looking for those bugs that must be there... but so
far... all I've had is fun... in fact, I've had to so much fun today and
tonite that it's already justified it's purchase price... this is a
worthwhile product for the looper community... and, as d/t has said, with
the EDP too, pretty much gives you all you need. (OK, d/t didn't say 
that, but I am).

Back to the looping,