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Repeater issue: noisy CFC card? (and more...)

Repeater arrived today and I'm liking it a great deal.  However I've 
that loops played from the CFC card have a bit of "chirping" in the right
channel.  Sounds almost mechanical (but with no moving parts, it surely
isn't).  When I copy the loop from the CFC card to memory, the loop plays
cleanly -- that is no chirping, so it's obviously not part of the loop
recording, but an issue of playing the loop from the CFC.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I do have one of those fancy "collectors" edition CFC's with the label on
the wrong side.  Could that be the issue?  I'm hesitant to move the label
for fear of affecting potential resale value of this limited edition card 
the future... (that last sentence is a joke).

As for the Feedback thread:
It does seem that feedback on the Repeater is at 100% during playback.  
defined feedback settings of 0 - 100% are only applied during overdub and
record modes -- and only on the 1 or 2 tracks that are recording.  This is 
minor* drawback as I routinely use feedback levels < 90% on the EDP during
normal playback.  Perhaps this can be addressed in a future software 

* I say "minor" drawback because there are so many other cool things the
Repeater seems capable of (multi-track and stereo looping alone make up for
this limitation).  Worst case scenario, one could always put the Repeater 
an effects loop and prefix it with a volume pedal or bypass switch, then
simply leave it in Record mode without feeding it any new signal.  Of
course, if you have 4 tracks in a loop, only 1 or 2 will fade with this
method (which could also be a *feature*).  And there's alway the MIDI
control options....