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re: ARTIFACTS.........the thread

Dave wrote:

"....one of the understandings I've had with the musicians I work with is
that I get free use of whatever I record to use as
samples in my own work......... For me,
when I build  a moody ambient piece from a slowed-down slide guitar solo
from a locally-produced children's music CD, I KNOW no one else is using
that sample....."

Cool Dave,  I have the same understanding with my production clients.  I
always assure them that I will only use fragments and that they won't even
be able to recognize the
samples when I'm done.......On the current CD that I am composing/recording
I have a really cool ultra-minimalistic track using three triplet figures
from a Celtic Harp/Electronica project that I have been working on for a
client (Bruce Abraham).
Because the samples are close to the same length and are all evenly played
three note figures, they cycle in and out of rhtymic
'phase', as it were.  I love listening to the
syncopations that the mind is fooled into creating and the fact that they
keep disappearing and morphing.

yours,  Loop.pooL (Rick)