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Re: Line 6 crunchy digital yukiness

Tim Nelson wrote:

> I found that using sends I was overloading quite easily and had to
find the
> right 'sweet spot' to get a good level with low noise that wouldn't get
> crunchy on me. A hair in either direction can make a big difference.
> If you're running straight in, you may want to try a compressor before 
> looper, or at least something to attenuate your signal a bit.

Amen on this.  There is only a small region on the DL4 between
"not enough signal to process" and "distortion".

This is somewhat less of a problem while looping but if you
use the box as an effects unit you'll run into this all the time.

Dunno why manufacturers don't make a gentle, switchable 
compressor/limiter as the first stage in their effects 

The Headrush, FWIW, is less succeptible to this phenomenon.



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