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Re: OT. Help with simple midi prob???

are you using midi clock or miditime code? and are both looking for/ 
the same thing?  

also check to make sure that you haven't accidentally recorded a beat or
partial beat of silence at the beginning of one or your sequences.


 anon 8/27/01 6:30 AM, mark.red@involvelearning.com at
mark.red@involvelearning.com wrote:

> Sorry for being Off topic, I should really join some midi music list for
> this Q, but I know many of you guys are well into this stuff so...HELP???
> NO computer in my setup, just hardware. I just got a Korg MS2000R for
> sequencing simple background pads and basslines AND (a bit on topic)
> processing (Via its audio in) my guitar loops etc. And I'm very happy 
> it. BUT...
> When I plug the midi out from my drum machine ( a cheap Boss DrGroove202
> thang) into midi IN on the MS2000 and send it a simple sequence (the boss
> has a little external sequencer built in) the synth is (a tiny bit) late,
> late enough to be awful tho! I am sure I have everything set up right. 
> midi channel, Synch INTERNAL on drummachine Synch EXTERNAL on synth. And 
> DOES play and at the correct tempo. BUT  LATE!!!!
> This is so annoying cos its about the simplest midi setup possible. Its 
> that I have too much midi stuff going on... (Well there is one more thing
> in the chain, a Roland GR30, but thats AFTER the synth (via synth THRU
> port) and thats in time)
> Anyone????? Help????
> Please????
> Mark Red