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ARTIFACTS.................the thread.........

d/t mentioned Loop Artifacts.   I am in love with artifacts..........there,
I said it <smile>

My wife is currently doing very fine editing on her first solo
singersongwriter record.
We are now the proud parents of two PC recording/editing systems and so as 
work in the kitchen on my wierd stuff, (the new 1.4 mghz machine has
completely usurped the last vestiges of our dining table, relegating us to
holding our dinner plates in our laps LOL) she is micro editing her guitar,
bass, drum, percussion and vocal tracks.
Consequently, ever once in a while I'll hear her looping a little fragment
trying to figure out some e.q. strategy or click removal strategy and I'll
go flying into the room and yell "don't erase that, it sounds incredible as
a loop".  I'm using at least two of those serendipities on my next abstract
looping record.

I once did a recording in the other room (because with percussion the
harddrives are just too damn noisy) and on the way back into the room I
stumble over one of my bags (too numerous to mention) of metal percussion
before I could turn the record button off.
What a killer artifact!!!   It got me on this kick of just taking random
bags of percussion
and recording dumping them over just to 'create'  random artifacts.  I've
gotten several really interesting loops that were actually quite
rhythmically useful from such experiments.

I'd love to get an ARTIFACTS thread going.

What are some really killer accidents that we have stumbled on in our
looping trials and tribulations..........did any accidents lead people to
new techniques.

I'm so fascinated with the RANDOM in music these days..........discovering
it, trying to create it without controlling it and then
applying my rigid, form compulsive aesthetic to the results  <tongue in

Well????????   Who will be brave and start it off?

later,  Rick Walker

P.S.  appropos of absolutely nothing, i'm incredibly proud and excited to
announce that I have been invited by Sufi master musician, Daud Al' Jerrahi
to go and have an evening of improvisation with the wonderful Nubian
musican, Hamza Al' Din who is one of my greatest heroes, 
dancing around the room and even postponing my long overdue vacation by one
day in order to do it.........wish me luck.......