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Re: RE: repeater question

In a message dated 8/26/01 9:17:25 PM, kflint@loopers-delight.com writes:

<< On the EDP you can accomplish something like that using the multiple 
feature. You can undo feedback passes, bringing back something that has 
faded away. This isn't quite what you are looking for, because of course 
also undoes any artefacts that have developed. It is a great feature for 
evolving and redirecting loops though. You can reduce the feedback level 
and be adding new bits to the loop as the old bits fade away, so your loop 
is evolving in a particular direction. Then use Undo multiple times to go 
back in time as many layers as you want, so the old parts that had faded 
gradually come back again and the new things you had added disappear. 
the feedback change has been applied to each layer, Undoing it takes that 
pass of feedback away! Then do the process over again, taking the loop in 
different direction. You can imagine it as dipping in and out of some new 
textures, or as a way to go on little excursions with your loop and then 
smoothly return to your original theme, and be able to do it over and over 
again, producing new variations and returning to your basic theme. >>

Whoa!!! Now we're talkin!  Looks like an EDP/ Repeater combo set-up may be 
my future.  Now what can I unload on ebay...hmmmm.  Thanks for the info! -