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Re: purpose of "Feedback" (was RE: repeater question)

In a message dated 8/26/01 10:37:46 PM, bickleypunk@pdq.net writes:

<< Line 6 DL4 that I

haven't seen a definitive answer on yet...

Can you adjust the feedback/regeneration on that unit?

If so, can you truly set it to 100%, ie, no fading of the loop? >>

No.  In loop mode, when overdubbing, previous layers of the loop are 
The rate of decay is fixed, but depending on the length of the loop the 
can range from quick (short loop) to really long (28 sec. loop).  The only 
control you have of the loop level, once "closed", is via expression pedal 
(or mix knob).  If you want a loop to just decay on its own, and you want 
keep playing without adding to it, you have to by- pass the looper.  I use 
Boss LS2 to switch between DL4 #1, DL4#2, and RDS8000/Vortex lines.  These 
three lines then go into individual channels of a Rolls MiniMix (3 channel 
stereo mixer) and then to an amp/PA etc. (note: the DL4s are run mono, the 
PDS8000 goes into the Vortex mono and comes out stereo).