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Re: Repeater Question [Feedback]

Just to make sure I understand this correctly, is "overdubbing" considered
the same as "recording" with the Repeater?

I can see having the feedback set differently for some tracks, so some
tracks replace previous layers quicker than others when in overdub mode,
but then "hold" their contents when out of overdub mode.

Sounds like fun!

Somewhat patiently awaiting the arrival of my Repeaters from Alto-


>Dear Folks
>Just to clarify:
>Feedback is akin to how you would describe 'regeneration' on a
>delay unit. It is the proportion of the current track fed in to produce
>the next generation of that track.
>The feedback level is only aplied during 'recording'.
>A track is not adjusted in any way whilst, playing, only whilst
>Hope that helps - and thanks dt for the hint. Interesting...
>        Don
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