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Re: EDP Input Level/distortion problems. Old story...

At 09:34 AM 8/26/2001, todd reynolds wrote:
>Remember that old thread about distortion issues with the edp? Well, I'm
>embarrassed to admit I've always had that problem, and have never 
>it.   I have what I think is a pretty old one.  And ever since I received
>it, used, I've never been able to play the damn thing without clipping.  
>amount of adjustment on input gain seems to work, no matter what the path
>is, (currently I'm sending from a aux send of a mackie and returning to a
>regular channel).  If it's too low, there's not enough output.  So I'm fed
>up, and it's time to change those resistors, or get some mods or whatever
>I'm missing.

the mod to fix that has been recommended for about five years now Todd, 
that's a lot of procrastinating! :-)  It is easy to do if you know how to 
solder (or know somebody who knows how). It just requires changing two 
resistor values. It's explained in the Echoplex FAQ at Looper's Delight:


so people aren't not confused, this problem was fixed in production 
echoplexes as of late 1997.

>   I only have
>an old email address from this list for shane radke, so I could use an
>updated contact, or any other advice you all might have. Thanks in

That info is on the Echoplex page of looper's delight, there is a little 
section there for phone and email contacts at Gibson. 
http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/echoplex/echoplex.html  Shane is 


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