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Re: echoplex in europe

At 12:24 PM 8/26/2001, ludwig lapauw wrote:
>hi guys,
>i'm new to your looper-community.
>i'm living in Belgium (Europe)
>i'm sorry to bother you again with the same old question:
>where (in the hell) can i find this "beast" in Europe ?

you can try contacting Trace-Elliot in the UK where they make the EDP. 
can probably hook you up. info@trace-elliot.com for the basic address, or 
try Andy Ewen <andy.ewen@trace-elliot.com> who is on this list.

There is also a dealer in Switzerland:  ZENKER LTD, Feierabendstrasse 22, 
CH-4003 Basel, Switzerland. Try their website at http://www.zenker.ch

I'm also amazed to see the echoplex is now at Musician's Friend:
For those who remember a couple of years ago when you had to trade one of 
your body parts to get one and it seemed as though the EDP might disappear 
for good, this has to be a nice change. It's nice to see looping getting 
some support and backing in the industry. brings a tear to the eye....


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
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