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Re: repeater question

bickleypunk@pdq.net writes:
>I don't own a Repeater, so I can't address that issue.

i was responding to his repeater question, which relates to repeater's 
'overdub feedback'-parameter.
i only referred to the EDP, briefly, for analogy.
i said.....
>>> as w/the EDP, the entirety of the loop is accessed by only one 

..... & while we're here:
the EDP's master 'feedback' is dynamically addressable, as well.

>I have an EDP.
me, too. use it pretty much every working day, along w/pcm42 and now 

>It may be a bit misleading to say that the feedback (or
>as the first msg put it, "fade level") is only applicable when the track 
>being recorded.  If I start a loop and then take the EDP out of
>recording/overdub mode (all lights green), the feedback control still
>applies to that loop.
i also use the EDP, which ---in my case--- has, historically, always had 
'feedback'-level set to full (or nearly full), so i can't speak 
to that issue.....

>Maybe I misunderstood what you said?  Just wanted to make sure that the
>poster had a good understanding of the EDP's capabilities.
thanks; you've reminded me to re-investigate other modes of 
for clarity's sake:
i was responding directly to paul's specific 'repeater question'.
dt / s-c