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Re: Who's Richard Pinhas?

On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Tom Ritchford wrote:

> It's a shame they never made live albums of
> this, because I have somewhere a bootleg tape
> of a concert in Germany that is completely over
> the top, around 1977, the drummer sounds like a
> machine shop and the guitarist a buzz saw,
> it's unearthly.

Well, you could pick up Heldon's _Un Reve..._ which has 2 live tracks,
Pinhas' _Live, Paris 1982_ (this features a full band - not sure why
this wasn't a Heldon release) which is a CD 2fer with _Rhizosphere_ or 
_Schizotrope: The Life and Death of Marie Zorn_ which is a live album from
his 1999 North American tour with SF writer Maurice Dantec. That tour was
a mind-blower! All of these are available on Cuneiform Records.


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