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unknown "looping" device

I recently bought a TC Electronic D-Two delay box.  Having used it for 3 
now, I have to say it is awesome.  I think it qualifies as a looping device
as it has 10 sec mono delay and excellent musical features, including a
dynamic feature that works live a sidechain feature or ducker and "rhythmic
tapping", which is a tap tempo feature with which you can create 10 "tap"
patterns and then quantize.

on both percussion and rhythm tracks, it is so easy and so much fun.

a friend just bought a nanolooper cartridge for his b/w gameboy and with
that, the D-two and an MPX1 we improvised some incredible beats.

Anthony Justman
San Francisco California
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> actually, you don't need multiple tracks to accomplish what you are 
> to do. You just need overdub. If you don't need to switch between
> parts (like verse/chorus) then every looper does this. If you do want to
> switch between parts, you just need a looper that supports multiple loops
> and overdubbing. That includes the Lexicon Jamman, the boomerang, the
> rc-20, and the Gibson Echoplex, in addition to the Repeater.
> kim
> At 02:03 PM 8/23/2001, AALev123@aol.com wrote:
> >I am am guitarist with minimal looping experience ( I had the Boss RC 
> >a couple weeks but returned it for reasons that don't matter) anyway, 
> >question is this: For a multi track looper such as repeater, are you say
> >laying out an 8 bar rhythm part on guitar and then playing a bass line
> >that 8 bar loop on a separate track. When you play the loop you get the
> >rhythm guitar and the bass playing together right? so if you then
recorded a
> >chorus section the same way with a different guitar and bass part you
> >step on some type of footswitch and go back and forth between the verse
> >chorus parts soloing over each for days on end ........right?
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