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Re: Another Conceptual Looper question

If you don't care about "real-time" looping, I can recommend LiSa for the
Macintosh OS.  It allows you to sample any sound, have it preset to loop,
regardless of the length of loop.  For more info:


Mark Sottilaro

SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

> > I'm more interested in the interplay between
> >  overlapping/ interweaving textures/ rythmns (how the "ones" interact) 
> > in
> >  syncing everything to a "master".
> The 'only looper ever' to allow multiple loops of different times was the
> Zoom 2100.
> It has a Jam Play feature with 3 independant loopers, each of max 5s. The
> only way to synch them together is to use the full 5s for each loop.
> Unfortunatly you have to hold all 3 switches down to keep them all going.
> The best solution to your needs would be multiple EDPs, as you can have
> different loop lengths which are multiples of the same length if you 
>like (so
> the loops come back into sync every so often)
> Cheapest solution if you still want layered loops would be to have one 
> functioning looper with overdubing, and as many as you need "cheapo 
> learn guitar riffs in your bedroom" loopers. Then you could layer up each
> loop in turn and then copy it onto one of the little loopers.
> andy butler