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Re: Another Conceptual Looper question

> I'm more interested in the interplay between 
>  overlapping/ interweaving textures/ rythmns (how the "ones" interact) 
> in 
>  syncing everything to a "master".
The 'only looper ever' to allow multiple loops of different times was the 
Zoom 2100.
It has a Jam Play feature with 3 independant loopers, each of max 5s. The 
only way to synch them together is to use the full 5s for each loop. 
Unfortunatly you have to hold all 3 switches down to keep them all going.
The best solution to your needs would be multiple EDPs, as you can have 
different loop lengths which are multiples of the same length if you like 
the loops come back into sync every so often)
Cheapest solution if you still want layered loops would be to have one 
functioning looper with overdubing, and as many as you need "cheapo 
learn guitar riffs in your bedroom" loopers. Then you could layer up each 
loop in turn and then copy it onto one of the little loopers.
andy butler