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DOD Dimension 12 looper/delay 4 sale, + more

DOD Dimension 12 D12 12 second delay, live sampler - $100.
With power supply. No manual, but fairly straight forward. DOD shows a link
online for it, but the link doesn't work.

dbx 386 dual tube preamp with digital out - $360.
With manual, a/c power.

digitech vocalist access or vr - $250.
I have the access. I was told by digitech that the only difference between
the access and vr is the face plate. They changed manufacturing plants and
had to make the change for legal reasons. With manual and power supply.

tech 21 sansamp acoustic di - $115.
With box and manual, and a dc power supply.

ART Tube MP - $70.
With power supply. Note, according to user reviews, many if not all of 
units have a hum in them. By setting the in and out levels for optimum
signal to noise ratio, the hum is covered and practically not heard.

I can accept paypal (+ paypal charge of 2.9%), + shipping.