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zoom 508: looper with different lengths

The zoom 508 delay can have two independent loops, up to 4 sec in length
each. Set feedback to max and the seemless option to infinity. One can play
into patch A, then switch to patch B. If you then switch again, you'll lose
sound in patch A, but B will continue. You can then play into a patch 
resulting in B+C, and so on, C+D etc.

This little box has suprisingly acceptable sound quality. Recommended is to
connect a footswitch for hold function (uses negative polarity I think, eg.
yamaha) and a volume pedal on the input can be helpful of course.

BTW, the zoom 509 modulator is the best sounding low budget pitch shifter
I've heard. It can even run two pitchshifters in series for some thick
strange harmonies.

Eric Zang
World Music in AZ