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Another Conceptual Looper question

Are there any devices out there that enable simultaneous playing of loops 
different lengths.  (I thought Repeater might do this but it turns out, 
the manual, that the 4 independant "tracks" that make up a "loop" are 
to the same length.)  I'm more interested in the interplay between 
overlapping/ interweaving textures/ rythmns (how the "ones" interact) than 
syncing everything to a "master".  Is the only way to do this, for now, 
seperate devices?  Could this function be integrated into Repeater in a 
future software upgrade or would it entail a hardware "fix".  Also, I'm 
assuming, again from the on-line manual, that the "feedback" level of each 
"track" within a given "loop" can have a seperate setting (or, through 
be independantly controlled in real time) until the "tracks" are 
"bounced"? - 
PS:  Looking forward to picking up a Repeater, not only for it's live, 
texturely applications, but also so I can finally do something in a live 
setting with the Metasynth snippetts I've been creating over the years - 
should be cool!