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Re: box drum

I don't know if anyone has weighed in with this or not, but that box drum 
called a
"Cajon" and is a traditional Afro Cuban Folkloric drum.........a lot of the
new ones have the rattle built into the slap sound
(not unlike a snare).

Like many colonialized countries,  the oppressors always outlawed
instruments and forgot to outlaw music......consequently,
the Cubans played boxes instead of drums, the Brazilians invented 
the Trinidadians pounded out steel drums to synthesize their outlawed 
the Jews in Yemen started playing tin cans, lacking their traditional and
spititual drums that their Islamic conquerors had forbidden.

I love human creativity and perserverance!!!

Whilst touring with Martin Simpson I saw an enterprising young 
who carried all of his gear in one of those fifties styled rounded plastic
suitcases.  After he
took everything out of the case he then used brushes on it.  He could get
snare (slapping) sounds, a GREAT deep kick drum sound by just laying where
the brush meets the handle onto the middle of the suitcase, forcefully and
really cool 'hi hat'esque sounds by wisping the brushers lightly over the
He even got killer noises by brushing the bumpy surface of the suitcase.

Very effective.........very compact.

yours,  loop.pool (rick)