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Re: MIDI Still?

> I know the guitar player a bit.  While he is quite a prankster he is not 
> liar.  After the show I asked him how he did it.  He insisted his brother
> was in New York playing drums live and it was done with the Internet but
> would not say how, that it was possibly illegal.
> How is this possible?  Even if it were a direct satellite TV broadcast
> connection there would still be a noticeable delay - right?

No. Not possible.

Unless the Starry Plough has installed an mpeg-4 broadcast system and a
satellite transceiver since the last time I was there, he was using VHSnet.
Even then, there would be latency.

The illegal ways of doing it can't be talked about over an unsecure line,
unless you're willing to sacrifice a goat or the discussion also involves
running drugs for the CIA.