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Re: MIDI Still?

A few months ago in Berkeley, California (at the Starry Plough Pub) I saw a
guy play guitar.  Next to him was a video monitor of his brother in New 
playing drums.  They were both in perfect sync as if they were in the same

This pub is pretty small and does not have a room backstage, so I know that
the drummer on the video was not in-house.  They also interacted with each
other so I am pretty sure that the drummer was not just a video tape 

I know the guitar player a bit.  While he is quite a prankster he is not a
liar.  After the show I asked him how he did it.  He insisted his brother
was in New York playing drums live and it was done with the Internet but
would not say how, that it was possibly illegal.

How is this possible?  Even if it were a direct satellite TV broadcast
connection there would still be a noticeable delay - right?


on 8/23/01 8:10 AM, roberto at roberto@nomade.worldonline.co.uk wrote:

> on 23/8/01 2:22 PM, Todd Quincy at tquincy@sayhhi.com wrote:
>> For all the really smart people out there.
>> A midi event or singal can be sent over data lines (the internet). But 
>> fast is it, and is a midi signal the fastest vehicle musicians have for 
>> jams...
> I have been waiting (sure I'm not the only one) for the day live jamming
> on-line will be possible. I'm afraid that day is still far...