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Re: mics, MD field recordings - quality? & sony vs. sharp

>tHE sHARP md-ms702 HAS level meter fully adjustable while recording- can't
>remem if it adds a little "beep" each time or not tho-

i thought i would add my praise for the MD format in the
field and otherwise. i started with a sharp (that died
becuase of dust i think, but had the best buy protection
plan and got a newer sony free as a replacement) and
have a sony now. i miss the sharp alot for a few 
more elegant features. the sony has the clamshell
opening thing which i think is terrible. record pause
on the sony starts right off where you were (like a tape)
unless you press "end seek" or whatever its called.
the sharp automatically puts you at the end. the sonys
controls are small and fragile and doesnt have a 
doublespeed play in mono.

As for sound.. MD is great. The only complaint ive heard is
from bird watchers and the like that warn not to use it for
scientific purposes (for the compression/human hearing range issue).
for music its fine... especially if you are going to further
process it.. i use my MD for sketches and after making a
guitar loop, i use a little aiwa stereo mic right in front
of my amp.. the sony has a auto-level option by default
which sounds fine if your levels aren't all over the shop.
bootlegging shows sounds great too. super small and great sound.
ive never not been satisfied with any application ive used it for.

anyone want to trade a sony MZ-R55 for a sharp (after my glowing review)?