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Re: OT: giant pipes down Portola Avenue in Santa Cruz and other natural reverbs

David Potter wrote:

> Om and In......Papa Dave
> A couple of natural man made resonant zones are the Wawona Tunnel in
> Yosemite, Calif....   1 mile long....I've played guitar, Banjo, varius 
> and singing....very log and cool reverb/echo...also colors change at the 
> of the tunnel if you've eaten enough mescalito cactus...also the 
> National Park in Soledad,Ca...hike to the top and then sing or play a 
> loud flute...the echoes roll and separate and you can hear 3 or 4 or 5 
> that the echoes roll out of the Pinnacles Mountains.  For the more


not my hometown, but *home* while i was there :-)

bandolier national park near santa fe: one of the cliff dwellings (i think 
furthest one in on the loop trail) has a semi-parabolic form- the 
end-points of
the parabola feature little carved chambers, big enough to sit in- around
75-100 ft. apart.- whispers in one are quite easily discerned in the 
other- but
anyone in another part of the cliff dwelling hears absolutely nothing. and 
course, the enemy below hears only the zip of your arrows once the signal 

also, i can vouch for the ucla parking structures being sonic wonderlands.
hopefully some noise soon on that...

oh, and last but not least, the valley of fire outside of las vegas (why 
you want to go there anyway?) has some superb sonic anomolies well worth
investiging (and staying there means you're not blowing money at the 

lance g.