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Re: box drum

> another neat thing i saw at the music store.....a wooden box that you 
> sit on and whap the sides (and all over) and it created these totally 
> wonderful drum sounds.....

in college i started playing drums
but didnt have a set of my own and became obsessed
with the great sounds i could get from a rubbermaid
bin that i used for everything from laundry to
moving band stuff. ive sinced ditched the cookiesheet
and potporri pot, but play 99% of my rhythms on 
said laundry bin with rattlestix (shaker mallets with
rubber ends) and am well pleased with the thud and
snap that i get along with the added shaker sound. 
(plus you can get them for 5dollars at Targét)

the curious can peruse:
(the first 4 or 5 tracks)