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RE: MIDI Still?

>>I have been waiting (sure I'm not the only one)
>>for the day live jamming on-line will be possible.

Check out http://www.rocketnetwork.com

Rocket Network allows you to dramatically simplify your audio production 
session management systems. Our worldwide network allows simultaneous
multi-user access to files that are updated dynamically from anywhere in 
world, using the familiar interface of software programs such as Cubase,
Logic and ProTools. When you use an application with "RocketPower" you have
around the clock access to your project files, accessed via Rocket's secure
servers, regardless of where you are, as well as the ability to collaborate
with colleagues in-house, or other audio professionals around the world.
Rocket Network's Central Server system provides a seamless data bridge
between audio products, allowing multiple applications to be used on a
single session at the same time.

They have an online demo video that is kind of cool to check out ...