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RE: OT: giant pipes down Portola Avenue in Santa Cruz and other natural reverbs

>   there's also this wonderfully large, squeaky door at one of my favorite
> restaurants, Turley's, which sounds really low and  gutteral as it
> resonates in the little foyer, and is possitively haunting.

I ran into a different mechanical reverb recently at a horse
stable.  I opened a big gate made of pipe and heard this 
incredible squeal.  The entire fence took up the squeal
and resonated all around the stables.  I was entranced and 
moved the gate back and forth for a while (while the stable-hand
eyed me suspiciously).  I went to mycar to get my MD recorder to 
catch this haunting sound...when I returned I found the stable-hand
thoroughly lubricating the gate's hinges....

     Mike McGary