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Re: Repeater frenzy

geez, i usually never chime in on these threads. but enough already! how
about we wait til' we get one, give it a whirl, and then bitch and moan
or praise and herald. 

as for the quality, i bought some of the electrix stuff when they were
blowing it out. the quality of the mo-fx, filter, and vocoder are all
great. i have no complaints about the hardware or software of the units.
so i would expect the same of the repeater.

i consider myself lucky to even have this list to hear about the
repeater. remember the day we had to wait for the next issue of whatever
rag, and then beg, plead and pay top dollar at the corner music store.
instead we got a great deal on a group buy thru alto and get (regretably)
daily, hourly, heck, by the freakin' minute updates. call alto if you're
curious. the girl i spoke with was very friendly and patient, and they
never asked me for a deposit.

ok, gotta go, it looks like i have almost 20 silly message to delete in
the time it took me to type this email. i'd much rather make music than
spend that much time bitching about a tool that's supposed to help me
make music.


On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:27:02 -0700 Caliban Tiresias Darklock
<caliban@darklock.com> writes:
> On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 15:32:28 -0400, Brett Maraldo 
> <plexus@sympatico.ca>
> wrote:
> >Frankly I think they should have done what any other mature 
> equipment 
> >company does 
> Like, say, Sony. 
> Build a next-generation hardware device that makes everything else 
> in
> the field look sick. Hype it for three years. Take preorders well in
> advance. 
> Then slip your release date several months and finally ship much 
> fewer
> units than promised, creating an artificial demand which inspires
> consumers to pay inflated prices and have way too high an opinion of
> your product. 
> Inexplicably turn your deliberate refusal to satisfy customer 
> demands
> for timely delivery and an efficient supply chain into a rabidly 
> loyal
> fan base willing to argue for months about why your product is as 
> cooler
> than some other product, even when that other product is far from 
> being
> released and has specs that make your product look like a toy.
> >Elexctrix, despite being a division of IVL, are clearly amateurs 
> when it 
> >comes to releasing product. 
> Personally, I am a lot more concerned with the quality of the 
> product
> than I am with how fast it gets into my hands. Buggy software can be
> patched, but buggy hardware is forever.